Monday, May 2, 2011

Home Decor: Creative Head Boards

I am sooo behind on my blog posts! I am sorry to my avid followers... all 7 of you! This week (woops last weeks) home decor post is about head boards... a lot of people are doing some really creative things out their and I wanted to share some images and ideas I have found on my searches.
 The easy wall paper idea...
Art on canvas
courtesy of Crooked House
Reduce Reuse Re-purpose... mantel
courtesy of Southern Living

Painted right on the (way too bright green) wall
courtesy of Decorology

I love the wall paper idea, so simple and effective!
courtesy of Martha Stewart
Another canvas. 

courtesy of hgtv blog
Reused re-purposed windows.

courtesy of Buffalo Reuse

I love this because I have  a similar look in my living room... 
courtesy of beds-headboards
Wall stickers are everywhere now!

courtesy of mocoloco

These are all very Do-It-Yourself ways to update your bedroom. A great headboard really makes the room feel complete. Don't go without one!

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