Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chase those pastels away with Bright Green and Blue

 My favorite color combo right now is green and blue. I have been collecting green and blue vases, pillows, throws etc... for 3 years now. I usually go for the lighter shades of the two colors but recently I have been feeling edgier in my decor choices. So to the internet I went to search for some ideas and here is what I found!

This green is a chartreuse which I don't love but works really well with the blue they chose. I also just adore the collection of frames on the wall. 

Courtesy of Eclectic Revisited
Courtesy of Arhdecor
This is the extreme version of using a color combo, look at that couch! All I can say is WOW! I do love the giant lamp here.
  Courtesy of House Beautiful
Here is a kitchen in blue and green, they use just accents here. I also love adding a splash of yellow with flowers or lemons.
  Courtesy of Decor Pad
Oh wall paper! I can't help but love an inspiration that comes with a side of wall paper. Although sometimes difficult to put up, so worth the visual benefits. 
 Courtesy of Decor Pad
 Very sweet dining room area. I love the kids table.

 Courtesy of Arhdecor
 Courtesy of Decor Pad
Beautiful execution of a bright and cozy living room.
 Courtesy of Arndecor

 Here is the last inspiration. Thank you to my new favorite decor blog The Decorologist who found this image courtesy of The Painted Room. What a creative and brilliant idea.

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  1. Lovely work and thanks for the mention! I love green and blue, particularly together. I've been filing away some great green and blue rooms for an upcoming post - peacock blue and avocado are my favorite pairing lately!

  2. What beautiful eye candy photos! Love these color combinations. And I'm enjoying reading about your recipes too. Great blog.

    Warmly, Michelle