Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patty's Day Inspiration

St. Patrick's Day a day for Catholics to misbehave, oh wait... everyday is a day to misbehave since we are so good at asking for forgiveness! I have so many friends whose favorite holiday it is mostly because they are through and through freckled faced, Guinness loving Irish. For me, I am lucky if I remember to wear green that day! Last year I threw my daughter out the door wearing red and remembered in the car it was St. Patrick's day so I put a green rubber band in her hair! UGH! This year I am not forgetting! She has a new t-shirt that says "I'm Lucky" on it... or something like that. I also have made a great green floral arrangement that is sitting my living room (blocking the TV) to remind me. I have collected a few inspirations to get us all in the mood for this spirited day.

For the Home:
 These great images above courtesy of Bettery Homes and Garden and re-posted by my favorite blog Hostess Blog. These lovely green inspirations are a lot more dashing than your typical Irish car bomb drinking pub decor. I love the simple elegance of the burlap style napkin with hemp and the shamrock. I also have collected a few green mismatched bottles and have them all out on display for this month. The florals are of course beautiful (and not dyed green carnations YUCK!) especially the bells of Ireland which I love, but are a little on the expensive side. 

For the Taste buds:
 Yum Yum Yum! is all I can say about these delicious foods, courtesy of Epicurious and Hostess Blog. Above we have Beef and Guinnes Pie, Chocolate Irish Whiskey Cake, Champ (mashed potatoes), and Irish Soda Bread. I love Irish Soda bread and I can't wait to try the cake!

What better inspiration for St. Patrick's day than a good, stiff drink?! 
Shown above are  
Dublin Dream (Irish cream, vodka, Chamboard and more)
Irish Snakebite (Irish stout, hard cider, & blackcurrant syrup)
White Knight (Irish cream, Irish Whisky, coconut rum, half & half   
Everybody’s Irish {Irish whisky, green crème de menthe, & Green Chartreuse} 

"May your home be filled with laughter
May your pockets be filled with gold
And may you have all the happiness
Your Irish heart can hold."

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