Monday, March 28, 2011

Party: Roaring 20s Theme Party

One of my favorite friend's 25th birthday is this weekend! We are going to Tavern Law which is a new speakeasy type bar in downtown Seattle. This got me thinking of throwing a 20s theme party. The 20s were full of gangsters and flappers. Women were rebelling against traditional attire (corsets) and behavior, so they wore their hair short, smoked, drank and wore shapeless shift dresses. During prohibition the speakeasy was the go to place to have any sort of alcohol and fun.  Here are some inspirations I have found.


Adorable outfitting is key to this event being successful. Men dress as gangsters with lots of pin stripes, suspenders, and toy hand guns. Women dress as flappers with lots of glamor, pearls and feathers. 
You can play old silent movies in the background like The Big Parade

For hair check out this video! Flapper Hairdo
Here are some cute masks you can purchase from Wow Cool Stuff

Set the tone as guests arrive to your party by asking them for a secret password (that you put on the invitation of course)
Art Deco design and poster prints of vintage alcohol posters
 Courtesy of All Posters
Make a strong drink like long islands and label them "Moon Shine" 
On the bar set up a large galvanized tub filled with ice to hold the alcohol in and put a sign on it that says "bathtub gin" 
Here is a 1920s  slang dictionary


  1. Fun! Are you having a 20s party now?

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