Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dark Indigo "Inky" Blue 2011 IT color

I am a big fan of colors that I base my decorating around, I recently read a blog post from The Decorologist that challenges my love of subtle blue. "Inky Blue" is that dark eye catching blue that you walk into a room and see right away. Sherwin Williams is forecasting this blue to be the "IT color of the year"
Courtesy of  Decor Pad
 I just love this deep seated stark white sofa next to the blues, it makes you feel cozy and serene just looking at it. I also am a huge fan of layers and this room has demonstrated that perfectly.
Courtesy of  Elle Decor
This is a more subtle way of bringing that blue into the room. You don't always have to go for the big bright change of painting your walls, especially if you love the wall color you already have. This beautiful rug updates the room without a total transformation of things you already enjoy. 
 Courtesy of Jamie Herzlinger Blog
Here is a kitchen, beautifully done in the inky blue. My fiance would prefer this over our white cabinets which he says are too "fem". I told him what home decor item isn't "fem". 
 Courtesy of Live Modern
This is an Oak floor (red) which was treated with a solution made from household White vinegar and rusty metal.  The tannins in the Oak react with the solution to turn the wood floor varying shades of tan, blue and black. What a beautiful idea. 
Courtesy of Eclectic Revisited
 If you don't know already, I am a huge fan of wall paper and especially toile wallpaper. I have an accent wall in my home I did in place of awful red painted paneling that was there when we purchased the house (YUCK!). Above is a the inky blue toile wallpaper that I just love. 
Courtesy of Best Home Gallery
This is a little brighter than the inky blue I think of, but it is still lovely the way they used the accents. I love the lamp shade and mixed pillows.

Above are some accents to get you started with your inky blue revamp. 
* A trio of candles from Casa Cristina
* A mother of pearl dark blue globe on sale on Ebay
* A beautiful Kosta Boda Vase 

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I love those unusual wood floors - I haven't seen that before. I also have an inky blue toile wallpaper in my upstairs bath - I put it up 8 years ago, but I still love it!