Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For A Mad Home: Whimsical, Eclectic, Vintage

Recently I have been described as a "whimsical" person. I think I like that description. Whenever I am finding new things to add to my home I am on Etsy collecting random things and making them fit. My house is full of whimsy! Here are some amazing inspirations and items that would fit right in with my "whimsical" personality and eclectic home.
Courtesy of Inventor Spot
This is a information desk created by architecture students at Delft University of Technology.
  Courtesy of Poetic Home
I absolutely LOVE these globes, and although I do not have any... I have been searching for a while for some to add to my collection.
  Courtesy of alkemie
As I have mentioned many times before... I love the collections of frames like this.
 Courtesy of Ruffled Blog
 Courtesy of Poetic Home
 Courtesy of Poetic Home
  Courtesy of Cal finder
The best place I have been able to find my montage of home decor are flea markets, thrift stores and Etsy

Here are some items you can purchase to add a little whimsy to your home and life!

 Purchase here at Bellacor

Purchase here at Bellacor

Purchase here at ABC Home

Purchase here on Etsy

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